Dr. Günther Eibl
Research Associate
Josef Ressel Center for User-Centric Smart Grid Privacy, Security and Control
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Curriculum Vitae



Bachelor-degree program: applied mathematics first two semesters

Master-degree program: lectures applied statisics and data mining in semesters 2 and 3, respectively


Papers Josef Ressel Centre

JRC-related research topics and methods

General skills, interests, past experiences


Papers as first author:

G. Eibl Günther and N. Brändle. Evaluation of clustering methods for finding
dominant optical flow fields in crowded scenes. Pattern Recognition, 2008.
ICPR 2008. 19th International Conference on. IEEE, 2008. pdf

G.Eibl. Creation and clustering of trajectories for finding dominant optical flow fields in crowded scenes. TechReport pdf

G. Eibl, K. Bernardo, T. Koal, S.L. Ramsay, K.M. Weinberger, A. Graber.
Isotope Correction of Mass Spectrometry Profiles. Rapid Communications in
Mass Spectrometry 22.14 (2008): 2248-2252. pdf

G.Eibl and K.P.Pfeiffer. Multiclass-Boosting for Weak Classifiers. Journal of
Machine Learning Research 6 (2005), 189–210. pdf
G.Eibl and K.P.Pfeiffer. How to make AdaBoost.M1 work for weak base classifiers by changing only one line of the code. 72-83. 2002. Springer. Machine
Learning: ECML 2002. pdf

G.Eibl and K.P.Pfeiffer. Analysis of the performance of AdaBoost.M2 for
the simulated digit-recognition-example. 109-120. 2001. Springer. Machine
Learning: ECML 2001. pdf


PhD thesis about multiclass boosting pdf

Diploma thesis: study the influence of secondary electron emission on the plasma boundary regions using particle simulations pdf

Diploma thesis: on numerical solutions of nonlinear systems of equations (german) pdf

Medical papers as co-author

Biedermann R, Tonin A, Krismer M, Rachbauer F, Eibl G, Stockl B. Redu-
cing the risk of dislocation after total hip arthroplasty: the effect of orientati-
on of the acetabular component. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2005 Jun;87(6):762-9.

Neumayr G, Pfister R, Mitterbauer G, Eibl G, Hoertnagl H. Effect of Compe-
titive Marathon Cycling on Plasma N-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Pep-
tide and Cardiac Troponin T in Healthy Recreational Cyclists. American J.
of Cardiology, 2005, 96 (5), 732-735.

Kircher B., Hack C.E., Dickinson A.M., Wang X.N., Oudshoorn M., Sachs
A., Wolbink A., Niederwieser D., Eibl G., van Houwelingen H.C., Goulmy E.
Towards functional transplant donor matching by measurement of granzyme
A and granzyme B production levels. Journal of Immunological Methods 293
(2004) 51- 59.

Domahs F, Lochy A, Eibl G, Delazen M. Adding colour to multiplication:
Rehabilitation of arithmetic fact retrieval in a case of traumatic brain injury.

Kircher B, Niederwieser D, Gachter A, Latzer K, Eibl G, Gastl G, Nachbaur
D. No predictive value of cytotoxic or helper T-cell precursor frequencies for
outcome when analyzed from the graft after stem cell transplantation. Ann
Hematol. 2004 May 29

Moser B, Bodrogi F, Eibl G, Lechner M, Rieder J, Lirk P. Mass spectrometric
profile of exhaled breath-field study by PTR-MS. Respir Physiol Neurobiol,
2005, 145 (2-3), 295-300.

Neumayr G, Hoertnagl H, Pfister R, Koller A, Eibl G, Raas E. Physical and
physiological factors associated with success in professional alpine skiing. Int
J Sports Med. 2003 Nov;24(8):571-5.

Nachbaur D, Larcher C, Kircher B, Eibl G, Nussbaumer W, Gunsilius E,
Haun M, Grunewald K, Gastl G. Risk for cytomegalovirus infection following
reduced intensity allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Ann Hematol. 2003
Oct;82(10):621-7. Epub 2003 Aug 15

Kircher B, Eibl G, Enrich B, Latzer K, Herold M, Niederwieser D. The role of
L-alanyl-L-glutamine in the immune response in vitro. Wien Klin Wochenschr
2002 Aug 30;114(15-16):702-8

Baumhackl U, Eibl G, Ganzinger U, Hartung HP, Mamoli B, Pfeiffer KP,
Fazekas F, Vass K; Prevalence of multiple sclerosis in Austria. Results of a
nationwide survey. Neuroepidemiology 2002 Sep-Oct;21(5):226-34

Ott HW, Illmensee K, Zeimet A, Mueller-Holzner E, Windbichler G, Eibl G,
Marth C. The evaluation of the second-look operation of patients with ovarian
carcinoma and tubal carcinoma by means of a retrospective comparison study
Gynakol Geburtshilfliche Rundsch 2002;42(4):217-24

Trinka E, Walser G, Unterberger I, Luef G, Benke T, Bartha L, Eibl G, Ortler
M, Bauer G. Asymmetric termination of secondarily generalized tonic-clonic
seizures in temporal lobe epilepsy. Neurology 2002 Oct 22;59(8):1254-6

Neumayr G, Pfister R, Mitterbauer G, Gaenzer H, Sturm W, Eibl G, Hoert-
nagl H Exercise intensity of cycle-touring events. Int J Sports Med 2002

Kaufmann L, Montanes P, Jacquier M, Matallana D, Eibl G, Delazer M.
About the relationship between basic numerical processing and arithmetics
in early Alzheimer’s disease–a follow-up study. Brain Cogn 2002;48:398-405.

Mur E, Hartig F, Eibl G, Schirmer M. Randomized double blind trial of an
extract from the pentacyclic alkaloid-chemotype of uncaria tomentosa for the
treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. J.Rheumatol. 2002;29:678-81.

Spizzo G, Obrist P, Ensinger C, Theurl I, Dunser M, Ramoni A et al. Pro-
gnostic significance of Ep-CAM AND Her-2/neu overexpression in invasive
breast cancer. Int.J.Cancer 2002;98:883-8.

Neumayr G, Pfister R, Mitterbauer G, Gaenzer H, Joannidis M, Eibl G et
al. Short-term effects of prolonged strenuous endurance exercise on the level
of haematocrit in amateur cyclists. Int.J.Sports Med. 2002;23:158-61.

Hogler W, Schmid A, Raber G, Solder E, Eibl G, Heinz-Erian P, Kapelari
K. Perinatal bone turnover in term human neonates and the influence of
maternal smoking. Pediatr Res 2003 May;53(5):817-22

Crazzolara R, Kreczy A, Mann G, Heitger A, Eibl G, Fink FM et al. High
expression of the chemokine receptor CXCR4 predicts extramedullary or-
gan infiltration in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Br.J.Haematol.

Strohmeyer D, Frauscher F, Klauser A, Recheis W, Eibl G, Horninger W et al.
Contrast-enhanced transrectal color doppler ultrasonography (TRCDUS) for
assessment of angiogenesis in prostate cancer. Anticancer Res. 2001;21:2907-

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racolumbar spine of young elite skiers. Am.J.Sports Med. 2001;29:446-9.

Hintringer F, Schwarzacher S, Eibl G, Pachinger O. Inappropriate detecti-
on of supraventricular arrhythmias by implantable dual chamber defibrilla-
tors: a comparison of four different algorithms. Pacing Clin.Electrophysiol.

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Prolonged iron depletion after allogeneic 2-unit RBC apheresis. Transfusion

Mur E, Schmidseder J, Egger I, Bodner G, Eibl G, Hartig F et al. [Influ-
ence of reflex zone therapy of the feet on intestinal blood flow measured
by color Doppler sonography]. Forsch Komplementarmed.Klass Naturheilkd

Neumayr G, Gaenzer H, Pfister R, Sturm W, Schwarzacher SP, Eibl G et
al. Plasma levels of cardiac troponin I after prolonged strenuous endurance
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Comparison of score evaluations and instrumented measurement after ante-
rior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Am.J.Sports Med. 2000;28:850-6.

Baubin M, Sumann G, Rabl W, Eibl G, Wenzel V, Mair P. Increased fre-
quency of thorax injuries with ACD-CPR. Resuscitation 1999;41:33-8.