SGAM-Toolbox 2.0

The SGAM-Toolbox aims to be a little help for architecting Smart Grid Systems in reference to the Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) as introduced by the “Smart Grid Coordination Group”. It is implemented as extension for the modeling tool “Enterprise Architect” from Sparx Systems.


After implementing various Proof of Concepts, the current version of the SGAM-Toolbox consolidates all implemented functionality and introduces a guidance through the modelling process of a Smart Grid Project.


The toolbox is based on the “Model Driven Generation” technology provided by EA where the results are stored in a XML-based file. The language of choice is C# which allows to make use of all functionalities that come with it.


The next step is to improve the toolbox according to usability and scope of functions. To achieve this, the toolbox is under continuous processing and integration of suggestions from constant exchange with the community.


Download Toolbox here


Please take a look at the additional information hereinafter to learn about the possibilities and usage of the SGAM-Toolbox.





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Further Information


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These and further publications can be downloaded here.