Prof. (FH) Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dominik Engel
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1305
E-Mail: dominik.engel at en-trust dot at
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Prof. (FH) Dr. Günther Eibl
Head of Group “Privacy, Security and Analytics”
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1327
E-Mail: guenther.eibl at en-trust dot at
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Prof. (FH) Dr. Christian Neureiter
Head of Josef Ressel Center for Dependable System-of-Systems Engineering
Head of Group “Domain Specific Systems Engineering” (DSSE)
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1328
E-Mail: christian.neureiter at en-trust dot at
Nicole Siebenhandl
Mag. Nicole Siebenhandl
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1330
E-Mail: nicole.siebenhandl at en-trust dot at

Prof. (FH) Dr. Andreas Unterweger
Postdoctoral Researcher
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1336
E-Mail: andreas.unterweger at en-trust dot at
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Prof. (FH) DI Dr. Fabian Knirsch
Postdoctoral Researcher
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1314
E-Mail: fabian.knirsch at en-trust dot at
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Christoph Binder
DI Christoph Binder, BSc
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1309
E-Mail: christoph.binder at en-trust dot at
Boris Brankovic
DI Boris Brankovic, BSc
Junior Researcher
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1309
E-Mail: boris.brankovic at en-trust dot at

Clemens Brunner, BSc MSc
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1338
E-Mail: clemens.brunner at en-trust dot at
Sebastian Burkhart
DI Sebastian Burkhart
Junior Researcher
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1321
E-Mail: sebastian.burkhart at en-trust dot at

DI Michael Fischinger
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1309
E-Mail: michael.fischinger at en-trust dot at
Oliver Langthaler
DI Oliver Langthaler, BSc
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1335
E-Mail: oliver.langthaler at en-trust dot at
Goran Lastro Teambild
DI Goran Lastro
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1337
E-Mail: goran.lastro at en-trust dot at
Ulrich Pache
Mag. DI Ulrich Pache, BSc.
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1312
E-Mail: ulrich.pache at en-trust dot at
Katharina Polanec
Katharina Polanec, BSc.
Junior Researcher
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1309
E-Mail: katharina.polanec at en-trust dot at
Judith Schwarzer
Dipl.-Phys. Judith Schwarzer
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1325
E-Mail: judith.schwarzer at en-trust dot at
Dimitrije Knjeginjic
Dimitrije Knjeginjic
Laboratory Assistant
Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1344
E-Mail: dimitrije.knjeginjic at en-trust dot at

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