Center for Secure Energy Informatics (CSE)

  • Funding: Federal State of Salzburg
  • Timeframe: November 2017 — October 2020
  • Company Partners: Salzburg AG, Salzburg Netz, Salzburg Wohnbau, LieberLieber
  • Research Partner: Salzburg Research

Prosumer and User Integration in the Distribution Grid using Blockchain Technology (ProChain)

  • Funding: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Project No. 865082
  • Timeframe: February 2018 — January 2019
  • Partners: CSE (Lead), Austrian Institute of Technology, Verbund Solutions, Verbund AG, Salzburg AG, Salzburg Netz, Grid Singularity

Virtualization for Resilient and Secure Smart Grid Communication Networks (VirtueGrid)

Josef Ressel Center for User-Centric Smart Grid Privacy, Security and Control (JRC)

Reference Architecture for a Secure Smart Grid in Austria (RASSA-Architecture)

Process Mining for Intrusion Detection in Smart Energy Grids (PROMISE)

Integrated Smart Grid Reference Architecture for Intelligent Distribution Grids and Virtual Power Plants (INTEGRA)

Privacy-protected Video Surveillance on Scalable Bitstreams (Privacy for Surveillance)