Ambient Assisted Living – living active and independently at home

20150210 NeuC AALChristian Neureiter joined an expert discussion at the “Bauen und Wohnen Salzburg” fair to talk about tasks and opportunities for ICT in the field of Ambient Assisted Living.

With the increasing ageing of population, our society is forced to consider a new approach for dealing with related issues. A growing number of elderly people and their individual needs are faced with limited ressources in care and support. Most of the elderly desire to live in their own homes as long as possible. But phenomena such as a fall followed by helplessness or inicipent dementia (catchword cooker) often require a move to sheltered housing.

“This raises the question of how elderly people are enabled to live a longer and self-determined life in their own homes. Under the title “Ambient Assisted Living” there are being developed and tested concepts and technological solutions currently, to open new prospects for this matter”, explaines Christian Neureiter.

The Bauen und Wohnen Salzburg, an international fair for building, housing and energy saving took place from 05. – 08.02.2015. For further information:

ICT developments in the field of Ambient Assisted Living are funded by the European Union in the course of research projects, joint programmes, that run in cooperation with the FFG. Innovative and technical developments shall enhance the quality of elderly peoples lifes, their autonomy, safety and well-being. In particular a long, healthy and independent stay at home should be ensured to the ageing population, according to the funding bodies.