Presentation of SGAM Toolbox

Goran Lastro was inviteGoran Lastro 300x225d to present the SGAM Toolbox to the Enterprise Architect User Group (EAUG) Stuttgart, just in time with the release of its version 0.6.
In his talk Goran pointed out the importance of the SGAM Toolbox in managing the complexity of future energy systems in the Smart Grid, as in the course of the energy revolution decentralized feeders are being increasingly integrated in the power supply system. The electrical network therefore faces the challenge of governing bi-directional power flows on the one hand and maintaining a balance of production and consumption on the other hand. To facilitate this, the electrical network is upgraded into a Smart Grid under increased use of IT.
The development of the Smart Grid as a complex system-of-systems (SoS), involves a variety of stakeholders from different domains and disciplines. To support this development the Josef Ressel Center specified a domain-specific modelling language based on the European Smart Grid Architecture model and implemented it as an extension (“SGAM Toolbox”) for Enterprise Architect. The SGAM Toolbox has been approved by Sparx Systems as a 3rd party solution for Energy Systems in the meantime. Just like the previous versions the current version is offered as “free to use” (please just let us know you are using our toolbox and let us reference your logo/website here) and is available here.