Blockchain pilot project started

Blockchain technology might be a key factor in digitization of energy systems. Therefore, Salzburg AG and Verbund AG are testing practical application areas for blockchains in several pilot projects.

An application is tested in a rental flow project in Köstendorf near Salzburg. Mathias Lackner together with Fabian Knirsch, Andreas Unterweger and Dominik Engel are developing a proof of concept for the distribution of rental flow using a private blockchain.

“Blockchain as a tool for transactions can significantly support the integration of distributed power generators for grid operators. As blockchains are transparent and virtually counterfeit-proof, this technology can play a significant role in energy trading”, Engel says.
This pilot project involves the transfer of electricity subscription rights from individual residents in multi-party buildings were electricity is produced by photovoltaic systems. Blockchain mining is done using a small blockchain calculator directly at the apartment owner respectively the tenant, who can then use blockchain to transfer his share of the generated pv power to other residents if, for example, he needs less electricity during his vacation.

“It’s about increasing self-consumption as part of a rental flow solution,” Salzburg AG CEO Leonhard Schitter explains. In addition to the Center, Grid Singularity GmbH also provides software to this project. Commissioning is planned for the first quarter of 2018 and the results will be evaluated by the end of 2018.