Connecting the Dots in Paris

Photo: FH Salzburg/pexels

Christoph Binder presented the research paper “Towards a Standards-Based Domain Specific Language for Industry 4.0 Architectures” at the International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management in France.

The Industry 4.0 revolution made it possible to constantly monitor information and synchronize it with any other component participating in the value chain of industrial manufacturing. However, developing architectures for this kind of systems is a challenging and complex task including a lot of different stakeholders. General managers, requirements engineers, hardware developers and other need to bring together their knowledge and experience. Therefore, a common methodology that is understood by all stakeholders is necessary as an entry point for discussions and to build a common understanding.

In this paper, a Domain Specific Language (DSL) especially adapted for Industry 4.0 and comprehensible for all stakeholders is used to connect all participants and ensure traceability within the model. A Domain Specific Systems Engineering approach using this DSL is proposed and evaluated by a case study of a fictive shoe manufacturing company.

  • [PDF] C. Binder, C. Neureiter, G. Lastro, M. Uslar, and P. Lieber, “Towards a Standards-Based Domain Specific Language for Industry 4.0 Architectures,” in Complex Systems Design & Management, Cham, 2019, p. 44–55.
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