Center for Secure Energy Informatics: Successful handover in teaching and research

The appointment of Dominik Engel as managing director of the FH Salzburg shows the excellent work he has done in teaching and research in recent years. He hands over the very well-positioned area of Network and Security which is now managed by Judith Schwarzer.

Network and Security in Research
The research associated with this faculty is based at the Centre for Secure Energy Informatics (CSE). Now Günther Eibl has taken over these responsibilities.
The focus of Dominik Engel was primarily on the energy sector, where methods of data protection and security are applied and developed. The leadership function here passed to Günther Eibl who maintains this focus on energy informatics: for some months now he has also been project leader in the current research projects ECOSINT and PRISMATICS. Also some new projects are already in the pipeline.
While methods of security and data protection build a bridge to the faculty Network and Security the same applies to optimisation methods, predictive models and the faculty of mathematics and data analysis. The effects on quality teaching are evident: in addition to the further development of young researchers through dissertations, interesting master’s theses from research are continually advertised for two different faculties. In particular research ensures that the methods taught are up to date.

The autonomous Josef Ressel Centre for Dependable System-of-Systems Engineering – located in the ZSE – applies systems engineering methods to the application domains of smart grids, automotive, smart cities as well as industry 4.0. The centre management remains unchanged with Christian Neureiter.

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