Andreas Unterweger receives Christian-Doppler-Prize

State Councillor Andrea Klambauer awarded the Christian-Doppler-Prize 2019 in the category “Application of the Doppler Principle, Technical Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics” to Andreas Unterweger for his outstanding scientific work. Photo: FH Salzburg/Siebenhandl

FH-Prof. Dr. Andreas Unterweger was awarded the renowned state prize for his excellent scientific work in the energy sector.

On 13 December the award was presented in the Christian Doppler lecture hall of the University of Salzburg. Andreas Unterweger, research associate at the Center for Secure Energy Informatics and senior lecturer in Information Technology & Systems Management at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, received the award in the category “Application of the Doppler Principle, Technical Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics”.

Andreas Unterweger’s award-winning research deals with the topic of energy data compression in intelligent power grids. By 2020, most households will have smart meters at their disposal. Data will then no longer be transmitted once a year, but every 15 minutes. However, the power grid is not designed for such enormous data volumes of around 1 terabyte per year – around 500 million book pages. Unterweger has developed a practical process that reduces this amount of data to a tenth and is hardly more complex than data transmission without compression.

At the award ceremony, Andrea Klambauer, State Councillor for Science, expressed her satisfaction with the high standard of the research work and the commitment of the scientists to the natural sciences. “This year great research work was submitted. The prize is a tribute to this outstanding achievement and an incentive to further intensify it,” said Klambauer.

About the Christian-Doppler-Prize

With the Christian-Doppler-Prize, the province of Salzburg honours outstanding scientific work, developments and inventions in the field of natural sciences. The prize is awarded every two years by the Salzburg State Government in cooperation with the Christian Doppler Fund.

Read the award-winning paper:

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