Paper on User Simulation Published

Reserach on energy informatics especially in the residential sector requires the consideration of human behavior and their influence on the performance of corresponding demand response programs. Judith Schwarzer  from the Center for Secure Energy Informatics (CSE) developed an agent-based model to simulate customers’ decisions in this context and presented her results as full paper at the 16th annual Social Simulation Conference 2021 (Cracow/online). The conference were open to all topics around social simulation and computational social science at which several papers deal with social-technical aspects and provide a very good platform for fruitful discussions. In a final state “Judith’s model” should provide quantifiable results for the optimal adjustment of incentives both for general participations in demand response program and short-term energy price adaptions.

  • [PDF] J. Schwarzer and D. Engel, “Consumer Participation in Demand Response Programs: Development of a Consumat-based Toy Model,” in 16th Annual Social Simulation Conference 2021, 2021.
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Clemens Brunner Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

We are very proud to announce, that yesterday, Clemens Brunner, member of our PriSec research group, successfully defended his PhD thesis on “Decentralized Trust Management for Privacy-preserving Authentication in the Smart Grid” at the University of Salzburg. Congratulations from the whole team, Dr. Brunner!

CSE Researchers attend Lorentz Workshop on InVivo Software Analytics

Günther Eibl, Andreas Unterweger and Fabian Knirsch were invited to the 2018 Lorentz Workshop on InVivo Software Analytics in Leiden, The Netherlands.
The scope of this workshop included software testing, requirements engineering and blockchains. Researchers from different fields collaborated and worked in break-out sessions on future topics for research that spans multiple domains.
Andreas Unterweger and Fabian Knirsch from the Center for Secure Energy Informatics presented their latest research on Privacy-Preserving Operation of Blockchain Technology in the Smart Grid User Domain. The talk presented teir work on privacy-preserving tariff matching protocols, privacy-preserving EV charging and the blockchain implementation for sharing portions of energy generated from photo voltaic power plants in residential households. Fruitful discussions emerged from the cross-domain knowledge transfer.
The Lorentz Center in Leiden ( hosts international workshops after a rigorous review of proposals in a scientific committee. Workshop proposals should foster new collaborations in otherwise diverse groups of researchers.

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Demand-Response at INDIN 2018

The University of Porto, home of the celebrated Port Wine, hosted the 16th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN`2018). International researchers, academics and practitioners presented their work related to industrial informatics and their applications. The Special Session Advanced ICT and Control Approaches for Intelligent Energy Systems was a good opportunity for Judith Schwarzer to show her Conceptual Design of an Agent-based Socio-technical Demand Response Consumer Model.

For more details, see:

  • [PDF] [DOI] J. Schwarzer, D. Engel, and S. Lehnhoff, “Conceptual Design of an Agent-based Socio-technical Demand Response Consumer Model,” in International Conference on Industrial Informatics, Porto, Portugal, 2018, pp. 680-685.
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CSE Master students attend USC

Two of our Master students are currently writing their Master’s Theses at the University of Southern California in LA. Together with our colleagues from USC, Eva is working on demand forecasting with machine learning and Stefan is working on intrusion detection for smart energy grids.

CSE Researchers Attend Summer School on Real-World Crypto and Privacy

The researchers Clemens Brunner, Fabian Knirsch and Andreas Unterweger
from the Center for Secure Energy Informatics are currently attending
the 5th Summer School on real-world crypto and privacy in Šibenik (Croatia).

International researchers from the fields of privacy and security give
talks, both on introductory and current topics in cryptography. The
first session, chaired by Joan Daemen, known for his contribution to the
widely used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and the SHA-3 hash
function, gave an overview of symmetric cryptography.

Further topics were asymmetric cryptography and hardware security, which
has many applications in the field of Energy Informatics. The remaining
talks until Friday will cover state-of-the-art topics and advances in
fields like privacy and distributed ledgers.

from left to right: Clemens Brunner, Joan Daemen, Andreas Unterweger, Fabian Knirsch